DIY Succulent Terrarium

I love having plants. Bringing a little sprinkle of green beauty from the outdoors into my home gives me such happiness. I have gone through many trials and errors in raising plants. I am currently hooked on succulents, because they require such little maintenance, and I haven’t killed one yet (knock on wood).

I usually try to find well draining pots for my succulents, which is preferred. However, they can thrive in terrariums with no holes, they just require a little more attention and extra layering for proper drainage.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how I arranged my latest succulents, hopefully it will inspire you when you make your own!

Start off by gathering your potting ingredients (I got all mine off Amazon): activated charcoal*, small pebbles/stones*, decor rocks*, and Cactus Soil*.

Next, pick your terrarium/container* and succulents*.

Set up your container:


Pour in a layer of small rocks* at the very bottom to allow proper drainage.


Add activated charcoal* for the next layer, which helps filter the air and keeps it fresh.


Next, you will add your soil, which you can make your own by using equal parts of potting soil and pumice or perlite, or simply use pre-mixed Cactus Soil*.


Take your succulent and carefully squeeze to slide it out of it’s container. Gently break up the root ball with your hand, which helps promote the root growth in the new pot.

Make a well in the center of your soil and place in your succulent.

Lastly, top it off with decorative rocks (I bought GloFish white rocks* for this).


And done!


Succulent Sunlight Care

Succulents typically need about 6 hours of sunlight a day, so I would suggest placing them near a window with a good amount of sunlight pouring in. If your succulents aren’t getting enough light you’ll notice they will start to stretch. They spread out their leaves and bend toward the light to get as much exposure as possible.

Watering Requirements

Succulents are basically water tanks. They take what water they need from the soil and store it in their stem and leaves for times when water may be scarce. So when you water them, make sure to completely soak the soil. Then wait a good week or two, until the soil is completely dry again. They do not need to be constantly watered, in fact, it is bad for them and could cause them to rot and die.

Feeding Succulents

Fertilizing of succulents should be carried out once in spring and once again in late summer. When it comes to fertilizing succulents there are many different methods. You may need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

DIY Succulents Terrarium

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Supplies You Need:_MG_5263


  1. Clean out your container.
  2. Add your first layer of small pebbles/stones.
  3. Then sprinkle of a thin layer of activated charcoal.
  4. Next, add in a thick layer of Cactus Soil, keeping it about the depth of the pot it came in. Make a small hole/well to place your succulent in.
  5. Take out your succulent and break up the root ball before placing it in the soil.
  6. Tamper down the plant using a spoon (or similar object).
  7. Add in your decor rocks, also using the spoon to pour in hard to reach places.
  8. And done!

What have you planted your succulents in? What are your favorite kinds? I’d love to hear feedback/suggestions! I am thinking about getting a Jade Plant or Burro’s Tail next!

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